An Ongoing Voyage

Our Journey through time by Prachi and Asit

Saturday, June 24, 2006

A glimpse of Maharashtra: Jejuri Temple (named as Yellow Temple by my husband Asit Kumar Dey, when he visited it for the first time. He was amazed by the amount of turmeric powder, known as "Bhandara", used by the devotees at this temple).

Puri 2006..........................
We visited Puri in January 2006. Puri is situated along the Bay of Bengal in Orissa in India. Orissa is famous for its exquisite temple architecture. Jagannath Temple, Sun Temple at Konark (13th century A.D), Khandagiri - Udayagiri (3rd century B.C), and Dhavalgiri were the main attractions of our tour.

Balichawk in Midnapore in West Bengal
Our culture, our heritage is reflected through our villages.